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It's time for a better Edmonton

Glynnis Lieb

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Meet Glynnis

Experience. Leadership. Community Champion.

Glynnis is a community leader and advocate. She is a social psychologist and has worked for both government and not-for-profit social services, as a post-secondary instructor, and on behalf of working Albertans. She is a tireless long-time volunteer for a variety of local events and organizations.


Like so many Edmontonians, she came to this city to build a better life. Over the years, she has created a strong bond with her community, always connecting with residents and working alongside numerous organizations and businesses. She wants to give back to the city that has done so much for her.


Glynnis is about building prosperity for all; believing that for everyone to contribute to the richness of their community they must feel they belong and have a place. Above all else, she believes that people do best when they have each other’s backs. To bring out the best in people, we must bring out the best in our city and the neighbourhoods in which they live in.


Glynnis believes that Edmontonians are tired of waiting for action. They want a city that gets the basics right, while creating a culture of inclusion and innovation. She understands budgets, governance, and people and she's ready to get to work building a better city where everyone can succeed.  

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Indigenous language of origin: Blackfoot

Meaning: Traditional lands where the Blackfoot Nation performed Buffalo Rounds. It is known that bison would migrate up to 300 kilometres north of the North Saskatchewan River to the safety of artesian wells to gather for the winter.

Pronunciation: E-PEE-KO-KA-KNEE-PIU-TSI-YA

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