Accessible Public Transit

A transit system starved of resources simply won’t work. A well-functioning system needs the right planning and the right investments.

Unless riding busses and LRTs is safe, reliable, efficient, and affordable, we can’t expect Edmontonians to opt for public transit over driving, and it won’t serve the Edmontonians who rely on it. 

People have to get where they need to go quickly and comfortably. Whether it’s to work, a medical appointment, or a hockey game, transportation is an essential service and Edmontonians deserve to have good, reliable city services. 

Public transit will also play a vital role in helping our city to recover from the economic and social impacts of COVID.

I support:

  • Reversing the move to contract out the bus cleaners' jobs
  • Amending the mandate provided to City's administration to help achieve a good faith contract
  • Opposing regionalization of public transit 
  • Continuing the South LRT Expansion
  • Adding more bus and LRT capacity into the system to reduce wait times and walking distances
  • Keeping transit fare prices affordable to incentivize ridership while lowering or making fares free for youth, seniors and low-income people (with a ultimate goal of fare free transit)
  • Supporting the necessary housing and health care support that reduce the need for busses and bus shelters to be the only emergency shelter options for vulnerable Edmontonians
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