Affordable Housing

We need to integrate more affordable housing options into communities by working in partnership and consultation with residents and housing providers, as well as other levels of government. 

It’s not enough to talk about housing, our communities need reliable housing they can afford right now, not just reports and speeches about housing. 

I won’t let politics or jurisdictional blame get in the way of achieving results by taking the lead and pushing others to do their part, particularly the provincial and federal governments and large developers. 

Bring more partners to the table to fill current and future housing needs in communities, including urban Indigenous-serving agencies, social enterprises, and healthcare. 

I support:

  • Tailoring shelter and housing needs to communities
  • Using Housing First strategies with wraparound services and supports
  • Providing basic sanitary and support services to encampments
  • Imposing annual rent increase caps
  • Preventing "eviction by rent increase"
  • Putting resources into building affordable housing, rather than just talking about affordable housing
  • Working with multi-unit developers to integrate more affordable housing units
  • Reviving housing cooperative projects
  • Exploring more options for home ownership such as "rent to own"
  • Increasing mental health and tenant advocacy services
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