Climate Action

We’re all making shifts in the way we do things as a result of the demands put on us by a changing climate. Higher insurance rates, increasing costs of travel, disruption to food systems, and economic uncertainty are putting pressure on us to adapt.  

We have to get emissions under control and be ready to lead in an economy that looks a little different from the past. It is no longer enough to talk about how we need to make these shifts, they need to be a focal part of our economic and city growth plans. 

If we’re going to build a stronger economy and healthier city, we have to do our part to make sure there’s a stable environment to continue to live, work and play in. 

I support:

  • Higher standards for city infrastructure to be more energy efficient 
  • Adapting development permits and providing incentives to builders to adopt net-zero and energy-efficient business models
  • Ban single use plastics such as straws and bags
  • 15-minutes communities
  • Safe and accessible bicycling, walking and public transportation options
  • More public washrooms, water fountains and waste/recycling receptacles
  • Providing supports and services to encampments
  • Support the Community Safety and Well-Being Taskforce’s 2021 calls for change
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