Meet The Team

Our deepest gratitude to Knowledge Keeper, Roxanne Roan from the Cree Nation for sharing of herself and guiding us so that we traverse our journey to this election in a good way.


Campaign Manager - Linh Lu (they/them) 


Linh has a long history of activism within the 2SLGBTQ+ movement and political campaign volunteerism. Linh Lu is a facilitator, organizer, and advocate in Edmonton, Alberta whose work focuses on the intersections of queerness, race, and community.

Recently, they have worked at the Pride Centre of Edmonton as the Youth Outreach Coordinator, facilitating experiences and programming for young trans, non-binary, and racialized queers. Linh has volunteered for and worked on many electoral campaigns at all three levels of government, most notably Linda Duncan’s 2015 re-election campaign in Edmonton Strathcona. 

Linh is also a co-founder of The Landing, a student-focused non-profit on the University of Alberta campus that promotes gender and sexual diversity. They have also served as a mentor with Apathy is Boring, as a board member with the Alberta Public Interest Research Group, and has volunteered with the Strathcona Community League and Lieutenant Governor's Circle on Mental Health.  

Linh lives with two widely-beloved cats, Pancake and Maple, and their loving partner. 


Official Agent - Allison Alberto (she/her) 


Allison has worked in administration and finance in post-secondary and in the labour movement for many years. She is also an advocate for children with differing abilities.








Fundraising Chair - Michael Marshall (he/him)

Michael is a new arrival to Amiskwaciwâskahikan but brings his devotion to the land, his connection to the space and air around us. He also brings his view of the value and experience of each person touching this earth.

Michael is a psychiatrist and NFP founder. He is an advocate for the QTBIPOC community and has a long history of fundraising. 

Dr. Michael Marshall, MBBS, MRCPsych, CCT, DMCC, PgDip (Mental Health Law), MBA (Ongoing), is actively involved in the care and wellness of the gender diverse population and is Founder and Medical Director of The Wellness Centre.  He brings a long history of successful fundraising to this campaign.  He is a clinician, speaker, activist and advocate on many issues but in particular on Black lives, Black visibility, Black culture and equity for Black people. 




Communications Advisor - Adnan Siddiquie (he/him) 


Adnan is an entrepreneur, angel investor, technologist, philanthropist, and activist. He is involved with five start-ups in various executive capacities.   

Adnan is also the founder and president of a non-profit, self-funded “The Startup Council” [ www.TheStartupCouncil.Org].  The Startup Council has 70 registered startups.  Adnan is also a founder of a non-profit in Pakistan, RAST Foundation,  [ www.RASTFoundation.Com ].  

Adnan was a Director of R&D and Quality at Hewlett Packard and senior manager at Amazon Robotics before starting his ventures.






Visual Communications Lead - Katie Cutting (she/her) 


Katie is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer, storyteller, and trans activist based in Amiskwaciwâskahikan (Edmonton). Since moving to the area over 15 years ago, she has worked with countless community organizations and businesses, always focused on bringing underrepresented voices to wider audiences.

Her company Lazy Kitten Productions has created a number of documentary films and web series, including A Long Road to Peace (2018), Queer Scouts: The Documentary (2019), For Want of a Home (2015), and Big Sky Life: Big Sky Stories (2019). She is currently producing one feature documentary and one feature narrative film.

Katie lives in Ward: Metis with her fiancée Kaylee and her tailless rescue cat Rosie.


Volunteer Coordinator – Corine Demas (she/her)


Corine Demas is a passionate performance artist and amateur filmmaker. Corine is a dedicated community volunteer and advocate for people living with disabilities and mental illnesses. 

She serves as volunteer President and Spoken Word Director of the Heart of the City Festival Society of Edmonton. She lives in McCauley.


Events & Community Relations Chair – Gina Puntil (she/her/siya) 


Gina is a proud Filipina-Canadian based in Amiskwacîwâskahikan on Treaty 6 Territory in an area that has been colonially claimed as “Edmonton, Alberta.”  As a first generation born in Canada she continues to navigate through her relationship with this land; the celebration, the gratitude, and the shame. 

Through her work Gina is always trying to expand the relation space on the Venn diagram of Community, Workers’ Rights, Arts Practice, Social Justice, and Basic Life Needs. Being a member of the artEquity 2016 cohort helped solidify her charge with their value of ‘art cannot exist without community, and community cannot exist without justice.’  

For almost 12 years Gina has been permanent staff with the Alberta Workers’ Health Centre and was an occasional contracted worker with them for 3 years prior as a Stage Manager.  Since 2013, she has the honour of being the Artistic Director and Program Coordinator for the AWHC’s Work Plays Schools Program which brings the important message of Workplace Safety and Workers’ Rights wrapped in a professionally sculpted live theatre production to students and new workers.  Most recently the WPSP has been kindly recognized with a couple of Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards and the 2019 Canadian Union of Public Employees National Safety Award. 

Gina first crossed paths with Glynnis and learned of shared strong values through labour schools and union education opportunities with the Alberta Federation of Labour, the Canadian Labour Congress and the Edmonton District Labour Council. Gina is a proud member of the Canadian Union of Public Employees local 474 and also has the honour to sit/be active on the CUPE National Women’s Committee

Campaign Advisor - Fathiya Tia Abdillahi (she/her) 


My full name is Fathiya Abdillahi and I go by simply “Tia.” I live in Edmonton, ᐊᒥᐢᑿᒌᐚᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ (Amiskwacîwâskahikan), Treaty 6 Territory. I am very grateful and humble to the Indigenous people of Canada for allowing me, my family and all of us to live and prosper on their land. I am a Registered Social Worker with Alberta Health Services. 

I work on General Internal Medicine (GIM) unit and Hematology unit, my GIM unit is dedicated to COVID-19 patients and on Hematology unit, I support patients who are either relapsing or newly diagnosed with different form of Leukemia. I love what I do and very passionate about it. 

I volunteer with REACH Edmonton since 2012, in a different capacity from community outreach to setting up and representing REACH in different events. Volunteering to me is giving back to my community while advocating and promoting issues that matter to me and my community. I speak fluently 4 languages and they consist of; Oromo, Somali, French and English and I have basic understanding in reading and speaking Arabic. 

I am a single parent of 3 beautiful and amazing children. My kids are the reason that I advocate for equality and would like to leave this world better than I found it.

I am honored and humble that Glynnis has asked me to be one her advisor on her campaign, I am eager and excited to share ideas and get her elected as our next Edmonton City Council.

Campaign Advisor - Ilara Stefaniuk-Gaudet (they/them)


A lifelong community builder, Ilara Stefaniuk-Gaudet has spent much of their time for the last 7 years pouring passion and energy into Westwood Unitarian Congregation as Director of Religious Education. As a person with kidney disease from birth, Ilara has spent many years advocating for people with disabilities, both professionally and in their day to day life. 

This advocacy work has fostered a strong sense of justice and compassion in them, prompting deep intersectional work in Truth and Reconciliation and Inter-Faith Dialogue. They love leadership and work hard to lift up other people’s voices from within their communities. They are also an artist and have loved finding new ways of collaborating with folx from all across the country in the past year. Ilara’s creative energy and love of people are primary motivators in all that they do. 

Ilara lives in the Papastew Ward of Amiskwaciwâskahikan. Ilara is very honoured to be a member of Glynnis’ Advisory Team! 



Campaign Advisor - Shawn Gray (he/him) 


Shawn Gray was born and raised on Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi land. He’s an avid waste reduction advocate and currently serves on the board of directors for Waste Free Edmonton and is Manager of Public Outreach. 

He is incredibly passionate about local food, gardening, bioremediation, and Climate Action that involves protecting and expanding local biodiversity.  

After almost a decade of working within local agricultural technology and food security, he is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in political sciences from MacEwan University. An LGBTQ2AI+ activist, poet, and tree hugger; Shawn brings an exhaustive optimism and positivity to our team that we hope inspires more constituents to get involved in creating a sustainable and compassionate society that works for everyone. 



Graphic Designer - Joshua Nguyen (he/him) 


Joshua enjoys working with computers, either graphic designing or developing software. In the warm months, he loves exploring Edmonton's beautiful river valley on his mountain bike or cruising the endless rural highways on his road bike. 








Site & Sign Coordinator - Jamie Millar (she/her) 


Jamie worked for many years in the Union Building Trades (Primarily in the Industrial Oil & Gas, Electrical Generating and Pulp & Paper sectors) where Safety, Policies and Procedures are of the utmost importance. Jamie is an advocate for the 2SLGBTQ+ community, and for people who are relying on social services. 

Jamie has many years’ experience as a National Construction Safety Officer where Policies and Procedures were understood, written, modified or mentored staff on. In more recent years, she has spent the majority of her time volunteering for such groups as iSMSS, the Chew Outpost and Little Warriors, her Community League, to name a few.

Jamie has a strong commitment to community involvement. She loves working with people and being actively involved in community.





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