Together, we will bring the priorities of our community to the forefront. 

Now is the time to make bold changes that we know will make our city stronger and our community a more vibrant, rewarding home for ALL. 

For years, I have wished for a representative who would listen to every person with sincerity and honestly value diversity of experiences and opinions, who would use their time in office to get results for those people, as opposed to focusing on getting re-elected. I’ve decided to be that person.

I've decided that, instead of desperately hoping that someone would step up and run as a voice for working families and people who never get seriously prioritized, I would answer that call.

Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi is a ward full of working people; young working families, people new to Canada, people moving into retirement. We are facing more difficult economic times. People are struggling to pay their mortgages or rent. People are struggling to keep food in the fridge. We need to encourage community participation in reaching out for support and supporting those in need. We need our neighbourhoods to be safe, desirable spaces where we can live, work and play. From students to seniors, our city should be attractive for every life stage. Those looking to buy a home, raise a family, build a strong career path, settle into retirement, or those just trying to make ends meet, all deserve reliable, affordable public services and a government that has their back and puts them first.

I want to increase the number of gathering places in this ward. Communities are strengthened when there are opportunities to get to know each other and to actively engage. I would like to see more recreation options and even coffee shops and local music and other active spaces. These are the things that make neighbourhoods fun and attractive and act as economic and social stimulants.

I am in the process of consulting with Ward residents, and they will direct my ultimate prioritization of issues because I am here to fight for them and make sure they have what they need from their city.  I bring a lot of passion to local issues and a number of themes have emerged through my conversations with residents that I care deeply about in relation to my life and work:


We can have what we need in our community to raise healthy families and pursue social and economic opportunities to lead meaningful, fulfilling lives.

We can deliver programs and services in an affordable, financially responsible way without compromising quality, reliability and value for dollars.

We can be more inclusive and sustainable while we continue to be leaders in innovation, entrepreneurship, and neighbourhood-level advocacy.

We can do these things together, with better leadership, greater collaboration, and more meaningful public engagement.


Healthy Families & Communities

I come from a working class family and I have been working since I was 13.  I have also been a community volunteer my whole adult life. 

Working people make this city run. In return, We need to help ensure they have good jobs and good quality of life. 

I believe that we all deserve to work in safe, healthy working conditions, and to earn salaries - and benefits - that allow us to fully participate with our families and in our communities. 

I support:

  • Making services for seniors more robust to ensure our elders get the quality of life and respectful service they deserve. 
  • Tackling long term solutions to combat food insecurity. 
  • Accredited, affordable and accessible early learning and child care options. 
  • Public, accredited “off hours” child care options for evenings, over night and weekends because - as we saw during this pandemic - many of our front line heroes don’t work 9-5. 
  • Timely supports and stronger mental health and addiction services for everyone in Edmonton.
  • Safe-consumption sites.
  • Ensuring all communities have natural gathering places such as public stages, park benches and picnic areas, as well as cafes and corner stores. 
  • Ensuring all communities have safe, quality, free recreation options for youth. 
  • Growing the frontline workforce for the City to ensure it is serving the population well.

Accessible Public Transit

A transit system starved of resources simply won’t work. A well-functioning system needs the right planning and the right investments.

Unless riding busses and LRTs is safe, reliable, efficient, and affordable, we can’t expect Edmontonians to opt for public transit over driving, and it won’t serve the Edmontonians who rely on it. 

People have to get where they need to go quickly and comfortably. Whether it’s to work, a medical appointment, or a hockey game, transportation is an essential service and Edmontonians deserve to have good, reliable city services. 

Public transit will also play a vital role in helping our city to recover from the economic and social impacts of COVID.

I support:

  • Reversing the move to contract out the bus cleaners' jobs
  • Amending the mandate provided to City's administration to help achieve a good faith contract
  • Opposing regionalization of public transit 
  • Continuing the South LRT Expansion
  • Adding more bus and LRT capacity into the system to reduce wait times and walking distances
  • Keeping transit fare prices affordable to incentivize ridership while lowering or making fares free for youth, seniors and low-income people (with a ultimate goal of fare free transit)
  • Supporting the necessary housing and health care support that reduce the need for busses and bus shelters to be the only emergency shelter options for vulnerable Edmontonians

2SLGBTQ+ Equity

In honour of August 24th - Marsha P Johnson's birthday - I would like to introduce the 2SLGBTQ+ Equity portion of my platform.

I was introduced to social activism through the 2SLGBTQ+ community. I am proud to be a Co-Chair of the Provincial Conversion Therapy Working Group and to be the Director of the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services (iSMSS) at the University of Alberta.

We have come a long way, but the many great gains made by the 2SLGBTQ+ community in recent decades have not been shared equally by all members. I intend to continue the work that I have been doing to advance equity for QTBIPOC community members.

As your city councillor I will:

  • Lobby for pronouns to be used in public fora and included on all print materials in City Hall.
  • Lobby for all city buildings and facilities to have all-gender bathrooms.
  • Propose that the inclusion of all-gender bathrooms be required for the approval of permits for new commercial buildings.
  • Ensure the enforcement of the municipal conversation therapy ban by sanctioning services - such as shelters - that discriminate based on sexual or gender diversity.
  • Support the request that law enforcement personnel not wear uniforms at Pride events.
  • Advocate for mandatory gender and sexual diversity training for all city employees and elected officials.
  • Require that municipally funded social services undergo Safer Spaces training.
  • Review funding practices and advocate for municipal funding to be shifted to prioritize affirming mental health and addiction services.
  • Advocate for robust enforcement of the newly passed anti-harassment bylaw that focuses on race, sexuality, as well as religious and gender expression.

Addressing Systemic Inequities

What has become crystal clear to all of us over the past few years is that the continued inequitable experiences that many Edmontonians face is more than a function of one-on-one overt interpersonal prejudice. Rather, it is a result of deeply seeded systemic practises that continue to serve some of us better than others.

I support:

  • Ending the practice of carding and street checks
  • Ongoing Anti-Oppression Training for all Public Servants and elected officials
  • Applying the TRC and MMIWG recommendations to all Council decisions
  • Create a culture of focusing on helping community members rather than policing them
  • Ensuring the community facilities and services are free for everybody
  • Banning “hostile” infrastructure

Affordable Housing

We need to integrate more affordable housing options into communities by working in partnership and consultation with residents and housing providers, as well as other levels of government. 

It’s not enough to talk about housing, our communities need reliable housing they can afford right now, not just reports and speeches about housing. 

I won’t let politics or jurisdictional blame get in the way of achieving results by taking the lead and pushing others to do their part, particularly the provincial and federal governments and large developers. 

Bring more partners to the table to fill current and future housing needs in communities, including urban Indigenous-serving agencies, social enterprises, and healthcare. 

I support:

  • Tailoring shelter and housing needs to communities
  • Using Housing First strategies with wraparound services and supports
  • Providing basic sanitary and support services to encampments
  • Imposing annual rent increase caps
  • Preventing "eviction by rent increase"
  • Putting resources into building affordable housing, rather than just talking about affordable housing
  • Working with multi-unit developers to integrate more affordable housing units
  • Reviving housing cooperative projects
  • Exploring more options for home ownership such as "rent to own"
  • Increasing mental health and tenant advocacy services

Maintaining Public Services

I stand fully against the current push to privatize our public services. Citizens shouldn’t have to pay more in fees for lower quality services from companies driving down wages. 

I value living wages that allow workers to raise their family and support local businesses; I believe in accountability to the public and the ability to respond to changing community needs; and I support affordable access to public amenities without extra costs that create barriers for those least able to pay. 

The things that make our city worth living in are worth investing in. 

I support:

  • Making sure public dollars are maximizing public benefit by expanding social procurement and focusing on local jobs
  • Reducing reliance on expensive consultants for work that can be done in house
  • Building a culture of proud public service and continual improvement by creating opportunities for confidential feedback

Climate Action

We’re all making shifts in the way we do things as a result of the demands put on us by a changing climate. Higher insurance rates, increasing costs of travel, disruption to food systems, and economic uncertainty are putting pressure on us to adapt.  

We have to get emissions under control and be ready to lead in an economy that looks a little different from the past. It is no longer enough to talk about how we need to make these shifts, they need to be a focal part of our economic and city growth plans. 

If we’re going to build a stronger economy and healthier city, we have to do our part to make sure there’s a stable environment to continue to live, work and play in. 

I support:

  • Higher standards for city infrastructure to be more energy efficient 
  • Adapting development permits and providing incentives to builders to adopt net-zero and energy-efficient business models
  • Ban single use plastics such as straws and bags
  • 15-minutes communities
  • Safe and accessible bicycling, walking and public transportation options
  • More public washrooms, water fountains and waste/recycling receptacles
  • Providing supports and services to encampments
  • Support the Community Safety and Well-Being Taskforce’s 2021 calls for change
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